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We're All Vaccinated!


For our customers' protection, all of our housekeepers are vaccinated.

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PRESTIGE is a company that provides on-call housekeeping services to various households, most especially condominium units, throughout Metro Manila. Most urban dwellers prefer PRESTIGE on-call housekeeping over the traditional stay-in hiring of housemaids for the following reasons:


On-call PRESTIGE housekeepers leave the units after cleaning, and the cleaning is usually done in the presence of the owner, thus eliminating the risk of theft. Our housekeepers are selected and hired using the highest standards of screening to ensure COMPETENCY, HONESTY, and COURTESY among our personnel.


By hiring PRESTIGE housekeepers only when your house needs cleaning, you enjoy the PRIVACY of your own home by yourself. No strangers live with you that needs sleeping and living space. It is thus highly recommended for dwellers of condominiums where space is limited.

Unit owners call PRESTIGE housekeeping services only when cleaning is needed. There is no need to spend monthly on a stay-in housemaid. When calculated on a weekly/monthly cleaning, it is still CHEAPER to hire PRESTIGE. Plus the owner does not need to spend on a housemaid's food, utilities, etc.


PRESTIGE housekeepers are VERY WELL-TRAINED, unlike housemaids obtained from agencies or from rural areas. PRESTIGE invests in its manpower by providing TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT to ensure customer satisfaction. PRESTIGE also uses only the BEST PRODUCTS and CLEANING EQUIPMENTS AND MATERIALS to ensure optimum results and customer satisfaction.

Condo & House Cleaning Services / Mattress Cleaning / Upholstery Cleaning / Office Cleaning / Metro Manila / Cebu / Makati / Pasig / Mandaluyong / Quezon City / San Juan / Muntinlupa / Las Pinas / Paranaque / Laguna / Cavite / Batangas / Rizal / Marikina

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