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Every so often, you need to have your appliances specially cleaned, or some areas of your home professionally attended to. This prolongs the life and value of your property, and maintains the overall cleanliness of your home.  No fuss though, PRESTIGE can do these for you.  Just call us.


Regular cleaning and defrosting keeps your fridge in tip-top condition. You save a lot of money from electricity if you ensure that your fridge is clean and regularly defrosted. Plus, it helps keep the freshness of your food and eliminate bad odors.

Range Hood Cleaning

Range hoods collect all grime from everyday cooking. Ensure regular cleaning of this often overlooked appliance for a fresh-smelling kitchen.

Folding clothes, color-coding wardrobes,   and organizing accessories are things that consume too much time and are the ones usually left out. With PRESTIGE, we can help you achieve the most organized closet and satisfy the OC in you.

Steam Cleaning

We may not realize it, but our mattresses are a breeding ground of lots of bacteria. Dust, spills, perspiration, and other body-fluids accumulate over time, exposing us to various health risks. Make it a habit to have it professionally steamed-clean to bust-out bed bugs and dust mites.

Electric Floor Polishing

Keep the shine on your floor. Have it professionally polished to bring out the high shine and maintain the beauty of your floor.

Move-In / Move-Out Assistance

Packing and unpacking takes a lot of time. PRESTIGE offers this additional service to speed up moving in/out.

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