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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

For most hardworking urban dwellers, sleep is a luxury that is treasured. Keep quality zzzzz by making sure your bed is clean and free from stains, dust, and dust mites. Have it professionally shampooed and you'll enjoy quality sleep every time.

What is Mattress Shampooing?

Mattress Shampooing is the cleaning of mattress by scrubbing using mattress shampoo. The shampoo we use is specifically formulated for PRESTIGE HOUSEKEEPING to ensure that stubborn stains are removed. The procedure is done on-site, and the mattress is thoroughly dried after shampooing. After the procedure, your mattress will be very clean, fragrant, dry, and ready to use!

Advisable For:

Food spills

Water or liquid spills

Pet pee/poop

Menstrual/blood stains


Perspiration and other body fluids


Shampooing does not guarantee 100% removal of stains especially those that had been there for months or years, or those caused by rust or ink. PRESTIGE will do its best to remove as much stain as it can, but NOT when it will damage the mattress fabric or cause rips and tears.


Standard Twin Size [38" x 75"]

Full Size [54" x 75"]

Double Deck

Pull-Out bed

Day Bed

Standard Queen Size [60" x 80"]

California Queen Size [60" x 84"]

Standard King Size [78" x 80"]

California King Size [72" x 84"]

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