Upholstery Shampooing is the cleaning of sofa/couch by scrubbing using upholstery shampoo. The shampoo we use is specifically formulated for PRESTIGE HOUSEKEEPING to ensure that stubborn stains are removed. The procedure is done on-site, and the sofa/couch is thoroughly dried after shampooing. After the procedure, your sofa/couch will be very clean, fragrant, dry, and ready to use!

Multi-Sectional Sofa

  • Advisable For:

    Removal of sofa/couch surface stains due to -

    • Food spills
    • Water or liquid spills
    • Pet pee/poop
  • Disclaimer:

    Shampooing does not guarantee 100% removal of stains especially those that had been there for months or years, or those caused by rust or ink. PRESTIGE will do its best to remove as much stain as it can, but NOT when it will damage the upholstery or cause rips and tears.