Dust shelves / Clean glass windows / Sanitize counters / Clean sink / Polish faucets / Wipe backsplash / Clean stove / Mop floor / Clean jars / Wash dishes / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener


Tidy bed / Change bed linens / Mop & polish floor / Vacuum carpet / Polish side tables / Clean glass windows / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener

Living Room

Tidy couch / Sweep, mop, polish floor / Clean glass windows / Vacuum carpet / Polish tables and furnitures / Wipe clean ornaments / Dust frames / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener

Dining Room

Clean & polish dining table / Arrange dining chairs / Sweep, mop, polish floor / Wipe clean ornaments / Dust frames / Clean glass windows / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener

Toilet & Bathroom

Sanitize toilet bowl / Wash sink / Wipe clean bottles / Polish faucets and showers / Wash tiles / Wash floor / Clean glass windows / Clean mirrors / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener




The Following ARE NOT Included in Our Services:


  • Errands

Depositing or withdrawing money / Buying stuff outside of the unit / Fetching water / Fetching children or anybody / Delivering parcels or items outside the unit / Paying bills / Other similar errands

(For security reasons)

  • Child / Elderly Caretaking

Taking care of kids or infants / Looking after and caring for elderly or disabled persons

(For safety reasons)

  • Pet Caretaking

Bathing pets / Feeding pets / Grooming pets

(For safety reasons)

  • Cooking

  • Laundry

Hand wash / Machine wash

  • Cleaning of Exterior Parts of the Condo Unit

Exterior side of the condo windows

(For safety reasons)

  • Ceilings and Walls Beyond 10 Feet

Scrubbing walls above 10 feet

Installing drapes and curtains beyond 10 feet

Installing ceiling fixtures

Installing electrical fixtures

(For safety reasons)

  • Cleaning Electrical Wires & Fixtures

Wiping clean or installing electrical wires, light bulbs, chandeliers, electric sockets, and other similar electric fixtures

(For safety reasons)


  • Water Fetching (Igib)

The customer should have available water supply (on faucet) on every floor.


Per Hour Cleaning

  • Indicated price is per Hour.

    Kindly indicate desired total hours of cleaning to get total price.

    Subject to a minimum of 4 hours.