Dust shelves / Clean glass windows / Sanitize counters / Clean sink / Polish faucets / Wipe backsplash / Clean stove / Mop floor / Clean jars / Wash dishes / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener


Tidy bed / Change bed linens / Mop & polish floor / Vacuum carpet / Polish side tables / Clean glass windows / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener

Living Room

Tidy couch / Sweep, mop, polish floor / Clean glass windows / Vacuum carpet / Polish tables and furnitures / Wipe clean ornaments / Dust frames / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener

Dining Room

Clean & polish dining table / Arrange dining chairs / Sweep, mop, polish floor / Wipe clean ornaments / Dust frames / Clean glass windows / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener

Toilet & Bathroom

Sanitize toilet bowl / Wash sink / Wipe clean bottles / Polish faucets and showers / Wash tiles / Wash floor / Clean glass windows / Clean mirrors / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room / Air freshener






Before starting a post-construction cleaning, it is imperative that the construction / renovation is already COMPLETED and there are NO MORE CONSTRUCTION WORKERS working within the premises. This is to avoid delay and continuous accumulation of dirt while the cleaning is on-going. Prestige Housekeeping will not commence cleaning until all workers are done with the  construction / renovation and have left the premises.




The Following ARE NOT Included in Our Services:


  • Errands

Depositing or withdrawing money / Buying stuff outside of the unit / Fetching water / Fetching children or anybody / Delivering parcels or items outside the unit / Paying bills / Other similar errands

(For security reasons)

  • Child / Elderly Caretaking

Taking care of kids or infants / Looking after and caring for elderly or disabled persons

(For safety reasons)

  • Pet Caretaking

Bathing pets / Feeding pets / Grooming pets

(For safety reasons)

  • Cooking

(Not yet available)


  • Laundry

Hand wash / Machine wash

(Not yet available)

  • Cleaning of Exterior Parts of the Condo Unit

Exterior side of the condo windows

(For safety reasons)

  • Ceilings and Walls Beyond 10 Feet

Scrubbing walls above 10 feet

Installing drapes and curtains beyond 10 feet

Installing ceiling fixtures

Installing electrical fixtures

(For safety reasons)

  • Cleaning Electrical Wires & Fixtures

Wiping clean or installing electrical wires, light bulbs, chandeliers, electric sockets, and other similar electric fixtures

(For safety reasons)


  • Water Fetching (Igib)

The customer should have available water supply (on faucet) on every floor.

Post-Construction Cleaning

  • Indicated price is per Square Meter (SQM).

    Kindly indicate total square meters of the unit/house to be cleaned to get total price.

    For large areas, Prestige Housekeeping shall conduct an ocular visit to determine the exact area and condition of the unit. Please call us to schedule the ocular visit.