COVERAGE. The housekeeping service of PRESTIGE covers the following: dusting of shelves, sanitizing counters, cleaning of sink, polishing of faucets, cleaning of backsplash, cleaning and sanitizing of stove, cleaning of jars, washing dishes, tidying the bed, dry vacuuming of carpet, cleaning of interior glass windows, tidying of couch, sweep/mop/polishing of floor, polishing tables and furniture, wiping clean of ornaments, dusting of frames, sanitizing of toilet bowl, polishing of faucets and showers, cleaning of bathroom tiles, cleaning of bathroom floor, and cleaning of mirrors.  

The following are subject to separate charges: greaser trap cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, range hood cleaning, cabinet detail/organizing, electric floor polishing, move-in/out assistance, carpet shampooing, upholstery shampooing, mattress shampooing. 

The following are EXCLUDED from the services: errands, child/elderly/pet caretaking, ironing, laundry, cooking, cleaning of exterior parts of condominium units, ceilings & walls beyond 10 feet, cleaning electrical wires & fixtures, water fetching (igib).


HOUSEKEEPERS. PRESTIGE assigns the number of housekeepers based on the ratio of 1 housekeeper for every 50-square meter area; unless the customer requests for additional housekeepers, in which case, an additional fee shall be charged. A customer may request for a specific housekeeper, but subject to the latter’s availability.  

FEES. All fees for the services of PRESTIGE are published on the website at www.prestigehousekeeping.com.ph. Rates may be changed without prior notice to customers. The rate covers the labor fee of the housekeeper, as well as all necessary tools, equipment, and materials. Rates are fixed (except for per-hour cleaning), regardless of the number of hours spent by the housekeeper on cleaning, subject however, to a maximum of eight (8) hours for the day. Work in excess of 8 hours shall be charged anew. This, however, does not mean that every cleaning duty shall be maxed out for 8 hours. PRESTIGE housekeepers are professional cleaners capable of rendering the services within a reasonable time depending on the degree of cleaning demanded by the condition of the house or unit. Below is the estimated / average cleaning time for each kind of units: Studio Unit (25 – 35 sqm) 2 – 3 hours; 1Bedroom Unit (36 – 45 sqm) 3 – 4 hours; 2-Bedroom Unit (46 – 55 sqm) 4 – 5 hours; 3-Bedroom Unit (56 – 65 sqm) 5 – 6 hours. 

TAX. All prices are inclusive of 12% Value Added Tax (VAT), and a corresponding Official Receipt is issued after payment. 

PAYMENT. Payments shall be given to the housekeeper at the end of the cleaning, after full inspection of the entire unit, and checking of the bags of the housekeeper. PRESTIGE accepts payment only in CASH. For cleaning quotations in excess of Php 5,000, a down payment of 50% is required prior to cleaning. The balance shall be paid immediately after the cleaning through the housekeeper / supervisor in charge. 

INSPECTION. After the cleaning, the customer or his representative is required to inspect all areas cleaned to ensure that everything had been cleaned according to specifications. For this purpose, the approval of the representative shall be binding upon the owner (if not present), thus, owners should assign a representative who is qualified to assess the cleaning. PRESTIGE Housekeepers are not time-bound (except for Per Hour Cleaning), hence, cleaning is done to the best of our ability to get customer satisfaction. Once approved, it shall be deemed absolute acceptance and satisfaction of the cleaning service, and waiver of the right to claim otherwise.


​LOSS OR DAMAGE. In case of loss or damage due to the fault of PRESTIGE housekeeper, the same should be communicated immediately to the housekeeper and the PRESTIGE Manager before the housekeeper leaves the unit. After inquiry/investigation and it is found that the loss or damage was due to the fault of the PRESTIGE housekeeper, PRESTIGE shall cover the liability, but the same shall be limited only up to the extent of the cleaning charge paid by the customer. In such instance, the entire cleaning service shall be free of charge. The customer is required to inspect the bags of the housekeeper to make sure that nothing is taken from the unit. Failure or waiver of the right to inspect is deemed absolute waiver of the right to claim. 

SAFETY. It is the obligation of the customer to ensure the safety of the PRESTIGE housekeeper/s while inside house/office/unit. Any injury sustained by the housekeeper due to pet bites, dangerous weapons/items, live exposed wires, and other similar things or incidents due to the fault or negligence of the customer shall be for the account of the customer. 

CLEARANCE. Payment of full fees after inspection of the areas cleaned and of the bags of the housekeeper/s is equivalent to absolute clearance and acceptance of the following: 
1. That the whole area is cleaned in accordance to the customer’s specifications.

2. That there is no other area left uncleaned.

3. That there are no lost/damaged/stolen items within the unit 
The customer, however, may report any overlooked concerns to the PRESTIGE Manager within twenty-four (24) hours and the same shall be acted upon and investigated by PRESTIGE. After 24 hours, the cleaning job shall be considered closed and PRESTIGE and its housekeeper/s are deemed absolutely cleared. 


CANCELLATION BY THE CUSTOMER. The customer may request for the cancellation of a cleaning duty within twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled cleaning time. If cancellation is made short of notice and the housekeeper is already on the location or the way thereto, the customer shall pay the corresponding transportation charge. 

CANCELLATION BY PRESTIGE. PRESTIGE reserves the right to cancel any cleaning duty on account of bad weather, strikes, sickness of the housekeeper, and other emergency incidents, without any liability to the customer. PRESTIGE may likewise cancel in case of any unethical or undesirable treatment of the customer towards its housekeepers. In such cases, PRESTIGE shall not be liable to the customer. 

PROFESSIONALISM. PRESTIGE is a cleaning company and its housekeepers are professional cleaners; thus, all customers are treated with respect and courtesy. The same respect and courtesy are, therefore, expected from the customers. Otherwise, PRESTIGE reserves the right to reject service or blacklist any customer/s with unethical, unprofessional, or discourteous attitude. 

By booking PRESTIGE, it is understood that the customer had read and fully understood the above terms and conditions, and agrees to be bound by the same.