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Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouses are one of the most difficult to clean due to high ceiling and tons of boxes in storage. Worry no more! PRESTIGE now offers warehouse cleaning to keep your inventory in tip top condition.


Main Area

Dust ceiling / Wipe clean beams / Scrub walls / Scrub and polish floor / Dust and wipe clean shelves / Vacuum dusts / Clean glass / Sanitize whole area / Dispose trash 

Toilet & Wash Area

Sanitize toilet bowl / Wash sink / Wipe clean bottles / Polish faucets and showers / Wash tiles / Wash floor / Clean glass windows / Clean mirrors / Dispose trash / Disinfect entire room 

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Our Rates:

Interior Cleaning

Php 50 / SQM

Exterior Cleaning

Php 60 / SQM

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The Following ARE NOT Included in Our Services

Php 40 / SQM

Php 40 / SQM

Php 40 / SQM


Fetching water

Buying stuff outside of the warehouse

Other similar errands

For safety reasons

Carrying of Heavy Furnitures & Equipment

Carrying, placing, or moving of furnitures, appliances, or shelves

Carrying, placing, or moving of inventory items / products

Dismantling of warehouse fixtures

For safety reasons

Cleaning of Inventory Items

Cleaning of Electrical Wires & Fixtures

Wiping clean or installing electrical wires, light bulbs, chandeliers, electric sockets, and other similar electric fixtures

For safety reasons

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Subject to separate charge

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